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Whiskie coming home

Whiskie 3 weeks Later 1/3/9

Whiskie 4 Months Old

Whiskie @ Play 4 1/2 months    




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Blackie had to leave us on November 22, 2008
he became very ILL with Acute
Pancreatitis (see Below)

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Blackie had acute Pancreatitis

What causes Pancreatitis?

For the majority of cases, the cause is unknown. Pancreatitis can occur in both dogs and cats, but is generally more common in dogs, especially the acute form. He had a high fat content in blood

What is the pancreas, and why is it needed?

The pancreas is a glandular organ that is tucked under the stomach and duodenum (first part of the small intestine) in the dog and cat. It has two functions:

 1) exocrine - to produce the enzymes needed to digest food, and

2) endocrine - to produce hormones, including the hormone insulin, which facilitates the uptake and storage of glucose (sugar) and amino acids (proteins).


What are the signs of Pancreatitis?

The signs can vary from mild gastrointestinal upset to collapse and death.

Most animals present with common gastrointestinal signs of upset, such as:

.         Vomiting

.         Not eating

.         Painful abdomen, hunched appearance (more common in dogs

.         Fever or below-normal body temperature

.         Diarrhea

.         Depression

.         Dehydration, evaluated by noting sunken eyes, dry mouth, and increased skin turgor (skin tents when pinched)